Become a Young Leader

BBBST’s Young Leaders (YL) is a group of resourceful, community minded, and motivated young professionals who have an interest in engaging more with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto.

BBBST looks to the Young Leaders as volunteers who will use their established skill sets to take a leadership role in the development and execution of special event fundraisers as well as being part of our promise as an organization to build thriving communities by empowering lives through mentorship.

Member Engagement: By 2018, the BBBST Young Leaders will be a structured community that attracts and retains young professional leaders who believe in the impact of mentorship.

Community Awareness & Fundraising: By 2020, the BBBST Young Leaders will continue to achieve their fundraising goals by diversifying activities, revenue streams, partnerships and building awareness. As young professional influencers, we will champion BBBST by leveraging networks to curate deeper investment in our work.

Agency Connection: By 2018, the BBBST Young Leaders will be an integral partner to the Agency. Through mutually beneficial opportunity and investment, BBBST Young Leaders will be essential to the communities that we serve.

Contact Stephanie Ashton-Smith for more details at

Corporate Support

Having served Canadian families for almost 100 years, we have earned our position as one of the most well-known and respected brands in the charitable sector. With 123 local agencies operating in over 1,000 communities, we have become an integral part of the Canadian social fabric.

Our ability to innovate and collaborate and our history of demonstrated success with some of the most recognized brands in Corporate Canada makes us an ideal charitable partner for companies interested in pursuing large-scale, comprehensive national cause-related marketing campaigns as well as those simply exploring a budding interest in community investment or sponsorship.

For those who are new to corporate social responsibility programs, we can help you achieve tangible business benefits:

  •  increased brand perception by associating with our brand.
  • increased awareness by leveraging our reach.
  • influencing consumer choice and increased sales/profits by differentiating your product/company.
  • increased productivity and employee satisfaction through employee engagement

Matching Gift

If you’re a BBBST volunteer, your employer may be able to make a donation to BBBST in honour of your volunteer hours. Some may even match your end of year gift to BBBST.

A matching gift is when your employer gives the same amount as you have to your chosen charity, thus doubling the impact of your gift. Many employers will match any charitable contributions made by their employees, and in many cases, will donate a given amount to the charity you volunteer with.

Please contact your Human Resources team to find out about your company policy, and if you have any questions for us, please contact us at

Help us build thriving communities by empowering lives through mentoring.

Tickets and other In-Kind Donations

Thank you for thinking of us, we appreciate your ticket donations!

If you would like to donate tickets to our agency please call 416-925-8981 ext. 4111 during office hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or email

Donors Please Note:

We cannot accept tickets for events with less than 72 hours before the event begins. The agency needs time to fairly distribute tickets. Last minute tickets may be accepted but the use by a Big and Little are not guaranteed.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, which may be aligned with job satisfaction, is about workers’ connection and commitment to their organization.

Recent research by Aon Hewitt, suggests that workforces are reaching their tipping point as employee engagement is at the lowest level in years.

Our research shows that employees who are given the opportunity to give back to their community through their employer are more productive, feel more positive about the company that they work for and are more engaged.

We have numerous employee engagement opportunities to fit your needs. Whether your company wants to participate in a fundraising event such as Bowl for Kids Sake or would like to give employees time off to volunteer as a mentor in our In-School Mentoring program, we can discuss creative opportunities to meet your unique business challenges.

Contact us to set up a meeting.

Program Sponsorship

Help fund a new or expanding program. Align your brand with specific Canadian youth group such as Newcomer Canadians, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ+, or young women or men. Big Brothers Big Sisters serves all of these groups in various ways through our existing mentoring programs, and we are constantly looking at new and effective mentoring programs to reach Canada’s youth. You can help us achieve more!



Hosting a fundraising event in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto is a great way to get your family, friends, colleagues, and community involved in making a BIG difference in the lives of children and youth in Toronto.

It is easy to support BBBST by hosting your own fundraising event, and we are here to help you get started in 3 simple steps.