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How it Works

Applicant Eligibility

As of January 2018, only applicants who are willing to travel to communities where we have waiting Mentees will be contacted for an Assessment Interview.  Waiting Mentees currently reside in Scarborough, Rexdale and Regent Park.

All persons are welcome to begin the agency’s enrollment process if they are:

  • Not anticipating a major life change such as relocating in the next 12 months or between employment opportunities
  • Able to commit to the time required
  • Have the ability to communicate their needs
  • Displays a sound understanding of the commitment required for mentoring
  • Have reliable contact details
The Application and Assessment Process

The order of the steps in the application and assessment process can vary from agency to agency, but the following is a general overview of the process. The volunteer applicant:

  • Submits a written application to their local agency
  • Submits a police record check and three or four references
  • Participates in a one-to-one interview with a staff member at the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency
  • Successfully completes an orientation and pre-match training
  • Is notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance
  • If accepted as a volunteer mentor, signs an agreement of confidentiality