“I know there are many children like Max in Toronto who really need their own Jonathan.” – Sarah, Max’s Parent 

My name is Sarah and my son Max is a Little in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto’s Mentorship Program. As a single mom, I needed a program where Max would be connected to someone for extra support and guidance. As soon as Max was matched with his Big Brother, Jonathan, we all felt an organic connection. It felt at home right off the bat.


Ever since my son Max has been matched with Jonathan I have seen significant positive changes in him. Jonathan is very kind, patient, and accommodating, and speaks to Max on his level. If Max has a bad day, Jonathan will send an inspiring voice note and relate to him about what he’s dealing with. Max is coming out of his shell, has less social anxiety, and is a more confident, happy child with Jonathan by his side.  

Jonathan lets Max take the lead on their activities which range from walks in High Park, board game cafes, or attending events through the agency, such as medieval times, the aquarium, musicals, or the CN tower. Because of this program, and Jonathan, Max has had the opportunity to enjoy these memorable experiences, all while forming this incredible friendship with Jonathan. I am so appreciative.  

My biggest fear enrolling Max was that he would be matched with a Big Brother, and they would only be there for Max short term. I was worried that they would not invest the time, Max would build a connection, and then the person would say “this is too much, I can’t do it”. But with Jonathan that’s never been the case. It’s been such a great connection, for all three of us! I feel like Jonathan is going to be in our lives for a long time, and we want to be in his as well. 

I know there are many children like Max in Toronto who really need their own Jonathan. They need a caring adult to connect with and have in their corner.  Seeing my son Max thrive since meeting Jonathan, I see first hand the impact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto has!  


~Sarah, mother of Little Max  


This holiday season, give the gift of a caring, consistent adult mentor for a Little on our waitlist. Children need consistency. They need connection. Donate now.