A Little Brother has been having an especially difficult time handling the lockdown. With just his mom and teenage older sister at home, he has been feeling increasingly lonely and frustrated. Recently, he called his Big Brother on his new Rogers smartphone, no less – and burst into tears barely two minutes into the conversation. His Big Brother listened attentively for a half hour and helped him calm down. The next day, he drove over to LB’s house, and the two of them sat on the curb on either side of the street and talked for over an hour. Big Brother said that the relief and joy on his Little’s face when he came outside almost made him cry too.” 




At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic Rogers generously donated devices and  sixmonths of complimentary internet to Littles without access. Rogers recently backed that up by continuing their donation of internet for 6 more months extended internet access for another six months! 

On top of this, CityLine kindly donated amazing gifts for families and children in support of our annual holiday gift drive.  

Access to internet and devices allow children and youth in Toronto to continue their education, which was vital when schools were moved to a virtual platform this past spring. Ensuring children and youth stay connected to their BIGs, extended family and friends at a time of physical distancing.

 Connection is vital to a child’s development.  

Their generous donation of gifts for our annual holiday drive takes the pressure off families at a time where financial strain is eminent. In a year that’s been challenging, it ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, has the opportunity to end the year with a gift that can brighten a child’s day.