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Luis Cabrera

BIG OF THE YEAR: A Big who embodies all the categories listed above

Luis has been with the organization for over 8 years and has acted as both a Big and a spokesperson for the agency, helping with promoting our message in whatever capacity he can. He has talked to his Little a lot about his sadness regarding his non existent relationship with his father, while also exposing him to many new activities. Luis’ Little sees a specialist to help him with his emotional well being and Luis has supported his Little through this while also providing much needed fun. The match have participated in the senior pen pal letter writing together during this time as a way to reach out to those in isolation.

“I feel like we’re friends for life. I see Gabriel as family.”

Chris Roach

BIG MOTIVATOR: A Big who helps Littles navigate a tricky time (by delaying gratification) through encouragement and relationship building

Chris has helped Nathan rebuild a positive relationship with school and has introduced him to new activities that Nathan can both thrive at and participate with Chris. Chris has motivated Nathan into becoming a confident and expressive individual.

“There’s a huge trust factor that’s grown between us. There’s a huge understanding that we can talk about anything…that feel good that you can make that difference.”

Sydney Hannah

THE BIG COACH: A Big who encourages good health

Sydney has been a source of support for her Little who has talked a lot to her about her body insecurities. While providing that emotional support, Sydney has been a huge supporter of her Little’s dance extra-curricular and will regularly attend her recitals, bring her flowers and share in her passion for dance. She’s encourages new activities such as skating and swimming.

“Since the second I started I had no concern in my mind that I wanted it to ever end.”

Victoria Tartaglia

Big Advocate: A Big who values diversity and embeds inclusivity into their programs (Game on! And Go Girls!)

Victoria volunteers with Go Girls! and works to create an inclusive environment that is respectful, educational and open to discussions on sexual identity, culture, women’s empowerment and self-esteem.

“Thinking I can shed some light onto these girls is nothing in comparison to the confidence and sincerity that they show me.”

John Huffman

BIG ROLE MODEL: A Big who has gone above and beyond helping their Little

John was recommended by his Little’s mother because he has been a safe, secure and important person to her son for the last 5 years. John helped his Little cope with an unreliable father and will discuss anything his Little is open to talking about, he encourages his athleticism and stuck with his Little through an emotional time in his life when he wasn’t very receptive to having John in it. He has had weekly virtual visits with his Little during this time and has recently started to play distanced basketball together.

“I really have learned a lot about myself and really grown.”

Enrick Fontaine

Big Advocate: A Big who values diversity and embeds inclusivity into their programs (Game on! And Go Girls!)

Enrick specifically volunteered for Game On! because he wanted to be a positive role model to young boys of the BIPOC community in the Scarborough. He works hard to create an environment where boys can be vulnerable and develop both self esteem and team building.

“It was the highlight of my week.”