In School Impact

Life is full of lessons. We are constantly learning from family and friends as well as new environments and experiences that shape our behaviours. Growing up, it can be difficult to process situations out of our control, and express ourselves in a healthy manner. For 12 year-old Brandon, expressing himself has been a journey, one […]

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Welcoming Syrian Newcomer Children and Youth

Change can be a scary thing. For siblings, Zain (6), Jamal (8), and Dina (9), change and fear were common to their childhood. Zain, Jamal and Dina grew up in Syria where there has been ongoing conflict for several years. Earlier this year, the family finally found safety and refuge when they immigrated to Hamilton, [...] Read more

Finding Her Future

The end of high school can be a scary time. It means leaving the friends you have made over the last 12 years of your life, it means changing the routine you’ve lived with for so long, and it means figuring out what comes next. For many, this means college or university. Choosing post-secondary education [...] Read more

Friends And Brothers

Friend, brother, son. This is how Eddie O’Toole describes Jonathan ‘Jay’ Langa, his former Little Brother. The pair were matched when Jay was 8 years old. His father had recently left the family after a debilitating stroke which altered his personality. Left to raise a young family by herself, Jay’s mother Fatima didn’t know what [...] Read more