BBBST Youth Labs

Please let us pick your brain!

Youth Labs are think-tanks, forums for BBBST’s youth-voice! Youth Labs are opportunities for BBBST to ask our youth participants questions on their BBBST experience, gather their insights and value their perspective to better our service.

Participating Youth will be given an honorarium for attending (Gift Card) and BBBST will sign-off on 2 hours towards participants’ High School Volunteer Hours if required.

WHO: BBBST Youth from any program –aged 15+

WHEN: FALL 2019- Date to be Announced 

TIME: 6pm-8pm

WHERE: Edison Center -2345 Yonge Street 5th floor

What to expect?

6pm- Pizza & Networking

6:15pm- Youth Lab Objectives Reviewed

6:45pm –BBBST Pulse Check

7pm- BREAK

7:15pm- Lab Sprints -Group Discussion

7:55pm- Youth Lab Group Photo

8pm- Paper Surveys= Incentives- Gift Card

8:15pm- Thank You Good Night

CAPACITY: 30-35 participants

Registration will Open closer to Event!

Stay Tuned!